How to Add an Event

This isn’t a public page. It’s just for our lovely committee members.

You have an event coming up, or you want to add something to our calendar? Great! Here are the three ways we publish our events.

Number One: Add an Event to our Google Calendar

1. Sign in to our Google Account.


2. In the upper right-hand side of the screen, click the square icon to view the Google product menu.


3. A menu will open up with all kinds of stuff. Click on the Google Calendar.


4. This will take you to our calendars, in Week view by default. Click the Month tab in the upper right-hand corner to see the whole month, then navigate to the day of your event. Click on any day to create an event.


5. In the box that pops up, click the Calendar dropdown and select Pride Calendar 2017.

This is pretty important – if you create the event in another calendar, it won’t show up on our website.


6. Enter a title for your event. Try to keep it short, as the preview might only show the first couple of words.


7. Click the Edit event button to add more details.


8. This will open up a new screen with lots of different event details and settings. These are all optional, but it’s good to add a Description for your event to add context, including any relevant links.

  • If it’s a location-specific event, you can search for a location under Where.
  • Click Add attachment to add a file or image to the event.
  • There are lots of other settings, but if you’re not sure if they’re important, please don’t mess with them.


9. When you’re finished adding all your event details, click Save.


10. That’s it! Your event is now on the website, under our Calendar tab. YOU DID IT.

It’ll appear like this in the calendar you can see in our account:


And on our website, it looks like this:


Pretty cool, amirite?

Number Two: Set Up Registration on Eventbrite

Now we can add the event to Eventbrite so that people can buy tickets, or register for free. This is great for keeping track of how many people to expect, or setting limits on attendance for small venues.

1. Log in to Eventbrite. (Our boy Jason has all the passwords to everything).

2. Click Create Event in the upper right-hand corner of the Eventbrite home page.


3. Enter a Title and the location of your event.


4. Add an image (this could be the same as the event’s cover photo on Facebook) and a description of what the event is. Be as detailed as you can, there’s plenty of space!


5. If you have some information you’d like to add in FAQ format, you can click Add FAQs. Tick the box next to Link to Facebook and Twitter. Under Facebook, enter either our page link, or a link to the event on Facebook.


6. Select whether the tickets will be free or paid. Money from paid tickets goes straight into our PayPal account.


7. Under Additional Settings, set the event type and topic. Leaving these blank makes it harder for people to find our events while browsing or searching.


8. That’s it! Click the green button to publish the event, then check it out. You can always go back and edit the event to add more details, change the picture, and so on. Use the event page link to paste into the Tickets section of your corresponding Facebook event, and we’re golden.


Once the event is published, it will automatically show up in the navigation menu of this site in the Eventbrite widget, which hosts a little feed of all our Eventbrite events.

Number Three: Create a Facebook Event (Executive Only)

I know you do not need to be told how to do this. But you may need to be reminded to do this. There are several links on our website pointing to our Facebook and urging visitors to keep up with our events there, as well as plenty of people subscribed to our events feed: so let’s make Facebook events for all our dates, big and small! At least two weeks in advance seems to work best.

At the time of this guide’s creation, only executive committee members (Kate, Mikhaila, Jason and Hayley) have Admin access to the Facebook page, and can create events. So go and ask them about it.

You can paste your Eventbrite link from above into the Tickets section of your event for easy registration, even if the event is free.

Let’s go 2017!

Love, Jai.



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